Sunday, 13 August 2017

Back to Work Catchup chat - Life with J4rming.

Good evening world,
How is everyone?

It's just and update today as I haven't been reading much to review and I have no brainwave. Yet I still feel the need to type.

I've had an amazing 17 days off work. 17 days! I know. It as amazing. Although I didn't go on a fancy holiday, or anywhere particularly fancy at all, it has been really nice spending time with the people I love. Especially buddy! (I think he has definitely enjoyed the extended company too) he has a new obsession for Tomatoes - but only when they are full not popped open!
(This is Buddy BTW If you haven't met him before you need to check him out on my Instagram, He is always getting up to mischief! - we are called 'J4rming' there too)
Today, Sunday. Marks the end of the last day off. It's a bit of a sad day really.
Life goes back to the normal wake up, work, workout, eat, sleep. Same old same old and living for the weekend to spend time with loved ones and friends. I know, I know! You're supposed to find a job that you love doing but seriously, sometimes the things we like doing are not financially feezable...

On another note we have a fun weekend to look forward to and we're back in the healthy eating diet and exercise after putting on a few pounds each, but it's expected. We eat healthy whilst we're working and when we have time off we eat whatever the hel we like ;) It works great for us as we like our treats, It's a great way to moderate bad foods and drinks since we only get around 28 days holiday a year. That's only one 12th of the year eating bad food!

Oh I don't think I updated you guys on my new bookshelf! I finally finished it after about 3 months of procrastination.

I filled, primed/under-coated (seriously who know what the difference is?) sanded, painted, filled, sanded, painted... Ok you get the picture. But it was a old waxed pine dresser top that belonged to the parents, so naturally I stole it and isn't it pretty! - (ok I did get permission first haha, wrath of parents is not fun, no matter how old you get!)

I could have finished it in a week if I set my mind on it but alas, other hobbies have a habit of getting in the way sometimes. Do you find that? there is just so many things to do with so little time to do them in.
Well that's me all done for now, time to get my uniform ready, find my work shoes, pack my work rucksack, find my locker key (God help me) and then it's time to wind down with a spot of reading. I haven't been doing as much as I'd like to, and it's back to reading in the work breaks and falling asleep at night with book in hand.

Until next time everyone, take care. And do please share any tips you have for me in regards to keeping motivated at work and during the working week. Boy am I going to need them in the next couple of weeks!

J4 x