Monday, 24 April 2017

Working in Retail 101 - Customers

Hello world,

I've recently been in the biggest slump of all time.
But I'm on the other side and back to reading and feeling the need to write again. =D
Excuse my lack of posts!

I have been thinking for a while now that the general public is an odd bunch of personalities and traits isn't it?

If you haven't ever worked in contact with the general public, or you are moving into the world of retail. The following is a small snippet into the world of customers. Of course don't be put off by this post, you never know if you like something until you try!

Working in retail my contact with customers is 4 to 5 solid days of endless people. Some with the most amazing stories, some with horrible manners who look down upon you as a mere shop worker, and some that are just the most genuine people I have met, for the smallest amounts of time.

You get a lot of stories. Eccentric characters,  Lots of "OMG did you hear what that customer said!" and a bit of everything in between that makes it such an interesting place to work.

Generally speaking the job description isn't very thrilling: Stocking shelves, serving at the till, putting stock away, helping customers, general house keeping etc etc. A standard, slightly boring, retail day
(Though the odd challenges and new things to learn are sometimes pretty exciting)
If it wasn't for the customers and the team I'm not sure I could cope with the repetitiveness.


Customers in retail can make or break the day. Period.
For example, my job role (on some days) as a 'Customer Service Assistant' is to walk the shop floor and focus on customer service.

" GOODMORNING! Can I help you with anything in store today?"
"Do you need any information on a product your looking for?"
"Afternoon. Are you looking for something in particular today?"
"Hello, are you okay there, do you need any help at all?"

Something along those lines is what I can end up saying all day if we are busy.

Sometimes a customer will be amazing, respond as enthusiastically as I am to them (that makes a good day). Other times you are not so lucky and get a look up and down, a nose in the air or a hand held up in your face!
You never know how the day can go and one really nice - or nasty - customer can flip the whole day over and over again... One thing you really have to remember as a Customer Service Assistant. Is that all of this is just part of dealing with people and you have to take it on the chin.You absolutely CANNOT take anything to heart! If you do, then you are unfortunately in the wrong line of work.


The purpose of my post today is to bring in perhaps a new post subject
that I have been pondering for some time.

Small snippets of the general public and their stories and the random moments I encounter in the two different retail places I work in (both at two very different ends of the spectrum).

I have thought for many years about writing stories with the characters I meet in real life.
After all J.K.Rowling based 'Hagrid' On a burly biker she met in a pub right?...
Im no J.K. but these characters are something I've felt the need to jot down for a long while.

Do you work in a customer focused environment? What's the craziest story or days you've had?

Of course no real names and nothing personal included.
A fictional character built upon many real life events.