Sunday, 12 February 2017

A New Chapter - Life With J4rming

I fall in and out of reading. Sometimes I go crazy for books and devour them within days or hours. Sometimes it takes me a month to read one 400 page book. The latter is when I get myself into a slump - an unrestricted laziness to read which happens all too often, but as of late, I have been devouring books like there is no tomorrow.

My new rekindled love of books was inspired by a work colleague - now friend. It's surprising how much a likeminded person can do to respark your interest in something again. Over the few months we worked together we talked through books. We recommended books to each other and gave our views on the book reads that we had shared. She introduced me to instagram and the hashtag '#Bookstagram' that has widened my bookish connection beyond what I could have expected and broadened the horizons of the book reading world as I know it. So I thank you... You know who you are :)

Along with this rekindled interest to read I have picked up the compulsion to write. I feel the need to jot down ideas, write stories and draw pictures of the characters whirring around in my brain, but I have no idea where to start. An ever impending need to write but what about? So, after having a few weeks of an overwhelmed mind I remembered this little ol' blog that I used to write for fun in my spare time and decided, why not pop back here and try?

So thats it for today, keeping you updated on perhaps a new chapter in the world of J4rming.

Signing off,

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