Friday, 24 February 2017

The Gender Games Series by Bella Forrest REVIEW

I am in love with this book series. 
I have devoured my way through the first 4 books in the last few of weeks, and am now waiting for the 5th one to be released on March 31st. The wait is killing me.

The books currently in the series are:

The Gender Game
The Gender Secret
The Gender Lie
The Gender War
The Gender Fall*
*Release date 31st March 2017


General Overview

Book one introduces us to the world in which our main character, 19 year old Violet, lives. It is a world divided by gender. The human race having nearly died out due to the toxicity of the surrounding jungle and the ever present conflict of the two cities.

The Two Cities:

  • Matrus - Dominated by women. This is the women's world, women rule, women have jobs and men are bottom of the chain. Young boys are siphoned out at a young ages if an aggression test comes out over the 'safe' limit.

  • Patrus - Dominated by men, it's a mans world and women are not at all welcome. Women are not allowed jobs, have to be chaperoned around by a guardian or their husbands at all times and may not speak unless spoken to.

It's a very believable storyline with a nice flow and some of the politics and scenarios within both Matrus and Patrus highlight similar roots and situations that we have in the real world today. It provokes thoughts that we may be overlooking the happenings in today's society casting a blind eye.


All the books so far have been laid out as characters points of view chapter to chapter. Mostly focusing on the two main characters. Violet and her love interest.

In the first instance I was worried I might not get long with this POV layout. In the first book we see the whole story from Violets eyes and for the rest of the series it changes into two characters. 

Our main two characters are love interests often apart and coming together giving us a viewpoint from two locations of a scene. I think this works well because we are just shifting our focus between these two, rather than having to get invested in a new life each chapter and wondering what was happening to the character before. I found myself getting slightly lost when I returned to the book half way through a chapter. Having to work out who I was viewing the world through, was slightly frustrating, but easy to decipher once you read a couple of paragraphs. 


The only book, in the series so far, that I found to be slightly lacking, was book three "The Gender Lie" and this was only through the middle. "The Gender Lie" is more of a critical questioning book, as apposed to books One, Two & Four. Although these have plenty of plot twists in themselves, they focus more on action scenes and a lot more happens within them. Of course book three picks up in the last 50/60 pages with Bella's unforeseen jaw-to-the-floor plot twists and the cliffhanger at the end urging us to read further.


My Favourite Parts
*light spoilers*

Im a sucker for a good romance even if it's not the main storyline in a book. The two main characters in this series have a very flirtatious but independent relationship. In the beginning the attraction is frustrating. You are willing Violet and her love interest to get together yet the situation keeps tearing them apart. As the books progress the playfulness and the competitiveness they have with each other is amusing and is very relatable to my own relationship, which got me hooked deeper into the storyline.

The one quote that has stuck with me thorough the the series is a bit of a silly one. To set the scene; one of the main characters has put themselves in danger to save a pet dog, the dog is scared and whimpering and the character turns to him in all seriousness and says:

"If you get me killed, then I'm revoking your best mans friend card."

*light spoilers end*

In Conclusion. - You need to read this series.

Bella Forrest's writing is incredible. This author has a beautiful way of describing the look in someone's eyes or the feel of someone's body language so you almost feel like you are within the scene. The mysteriousness she is able to portray in some of the characters is divine and I applaud her for the thier growth throughout the series. You can't help falling in love with them. The best part of every book has to be the last 50/60 pages, where you can feel the tension rising ready for the terrific, yet utterly frustrating, cliffhanger.

Overall a hugely likeable series. If you enjoyed series such as "The Hunger Games" or "Divergent" and are generally an avid reader of anything slightly survival, you will like this a lot.


So that's it. I'm seriously going to struggle through the next month without Violet and friends. I'm thoroughly excited for the next one to release on March 31st 2017. 

Tell me though, how do you go about waiting for release dates? 
I just hope I can put Violet and the gang out of my mind till reading time arrives again!

Signing Off,

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Sunday, 12 February 2017

A New Chapter - Life With J4rming

I fall in and out of reading. Sometimes I go crazy for books and devour them within days or hours. Sometimes it takes me a month to read one 400 page book. The latter is when I get myself into a slump - an unrestricted laziness to read which happens all too often, but as of late, I have been devouring books like there is no tomorrow.

My new rekindled love of books was inspired by a work colleague - now friend. It's surprising how much a likeminded person can do to respark your interest in something again. Over the few months we worked together we talked through books. We recommended books to each other and gave our views on the book reads that we had shared. She introduced me to instagram and the hashtag '#Bookstagram' that has widened my bookish connection beyond what I could have expected and broadened the horizons of the book reading world as I know it. So I thank you... You know who you are :)

Along with this rekindled interest to read I have picked up the compulsion to write. I feel the need to jot down ideas, write stories and draw pictures of the characters whirring around in my brain, but I have no idea where to start. An ever impending need to write but what about? So, after having a few weeks of an overwhelmed mind I remembered this little ol' blog that I used to write for fun in my spare time and decided, why not pop back here and try?

So thats it for today, keeping you updated on perhaps a new chapter in the world of J4rming.

Signing off,

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