Wednesday, 22 June 2016

First impressions: No7 Beautiful skin Radiance exfoliator.

No7 Beautiful Skin.So far, So Good.

I recently started going through all the samples I have in my 'pampering' box, I have so so many because of my 6 month birchbox subscription in 2014 and numerous Christmas and birthday prezzies. I have since cancelled my Birch Box as I was getting snowed under with little pouches of this and that. Although I miss the excitement of a new box with goodies just for me each month, I wouldn't consider picking it up again anytime soon as I'm not too sure how many more samples I want to PAY for, especially if I don't get round to using half of them haha!


So my 1st first impression review, how exciting!

Brand: No7
Product: Beautiful Skin - Radiance Exfoliator. 15ml / 0.5 US Fl. Oz
Skin type: Normal/Dry

Front description: reveals smoother, brighter looking skin. Hypo-allergenic

Back description: Sweep away dead skin cells and impurities, to reveal brighter, more beautiful skin. With a special blend of exfoliating particles, this gentle facial exfoliator helps remove dead skin cells and refines pores, leaving skin soft, smooth and glowing with health.

Directions for use: once or twice a week, gently massage into clensed, damp skin, avoiding the delicate eye area. Wash away thoroughly with warm water.

Avoid contact with eyes. If product gets into eyes rinse well with water immediately.


I clean my face with my general cleansing routine and proceed to apply the product to my face, the texture is quite runny, I squeezed too much out in the first instance so had to suck some back up into the tube, typical clumsy self, I was expecting this product to be quite thick, so I was a little disappointed on the consistency as I like facial scrubs to be on the thicker side. But alas the product went quite far with just a small amount.

Little pink cleansing beads are dotted throughout the scrub with its main colour being white. Upon looking at it on your fingers there doesn't seem to be many beads, but when cleansing I found plenty of them, I do love a cleansing scrub with lots of beads! You can really feel them doing thier job.

Massaging into my face for one minute, a typical time recommended for most facial scrubs, I can feel the beads hard at work gently buffing my skin. It smells very familiar, like a childhood sweet or perhaps a friends perfume? I cannot pinpoint the scent, nor can I pick out any elemental smell. I'm pretty useless with my sense of smell. (I do have a cold right now though so this may be the problem! Ha!).

I rinse off with warm water and pat dry. Leave for a few moments and then do the touch test. 

Oh my gosh! Baby's bum soft!

I just wonder how long it will last.

My face is reddened in areas, as expected from a facial scrub, but soon I'm back to my normal colour. As far as I can tell my skin doesn't look remarkably different, I look cleaner than I did after my cleansing routine, so at least I know I'm cleaner than I would have been... But I do feel softer and so I have hope if I use this twice a week as it states, I may have more refined, smoother skin.


In conclusion:
I like it so far. I wouldn't say it has a much of a lead on most of the scrubs out there, though it does have a lot of scrubbing beads compared the the majority of others I have tried. This makes me happy. The scent is nice not overpoweringly fake smelling though it annoys me not being able to pinpoint the essences included. I blame my nose. The packaging is of course sample sized, I haven't looked for the full sized product, but if it has the same packaging it's simple, clean and feminine. 

I will be using this for the next few weeks in replace of my current scrub (however long it lasts)...

That's all from me today folks!
Off for my pampering bath time and an early night for a change. 

Much love,

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

My Hair Colour Story Throughout The Years

It's been over a year since I last did something fun with my hair so I thought I would run through my hair colour story before i do something crazy or loos track of what i look like!

So here is a picture gallery of my hair colours over the years.

Below: October 2010 / March 2011 / April 2012
Below: May 2013 / May 2014 / June 2014 / August 2014

My professionally dyed hair started with with highlights in Summer 2014 on my natural/dyed hair. It was my first blonde adventure and at the time my hairdresser said 
"I bet you go full blonde next time - everyone does". 
I adored my highlighted hair from June 2014 - September 2014 I honestly didn't realise how much I loved it until I look back on those pictures above from a couple of years ago.

The next time I had a whole head of blonde done. (Yup my hairdresser was right.) 
I liked it, at first but my hair turned VERY orange after the first few weeks.
 Mr previous hair colours since I first ever dyed my hair at about 14 years old 
have been all sorts of reds and red-Browns and my natural colour (what I see of it at the roots every now and then) is a deep brown. So honestly the tones that ran through 
my bleached blonde hair where so ginger 
I could give a natural ginger a run for their money! 

Below: My Blonde hair when it was first done in September 2014.

Of course being a newbie of fake blonde I had no idea there was special toning treatments that allowed you to make it the perfect bleached white blonde that I was after, and so after a month and a half as a blonde/ginger and upon the winter season approaching (people always seem to get dark hair in the winter?) I got my hairdresser back to chuck some reds back over it which actually came out really pretty since we did four different 
colours with bits of purple and some browns.
Below: Before and After October 2014

Below: Showing All The Colours That Ran Through My Red Hair in October 2014.

The only thing after all of this my hair was FRAZZLED. 

Within the space of 2 months I had been a full bleached blonde and then 
a full head of red. I have quite thin hair follicles and they really don't do well with damaging treatments and dry out really easily (split-end-central!) 
So from here it took me about a year of pampering 
admittedly there was an occasional box dye, mostly reds for the whole year -
 to get my hair to a point where I'm happy to attack it with drying and damaging treatments again.

Below: December 2015 and Most Recently Brownish in April 2016

So, that's the story of my hair journey across the years so far... i wonder what i might have next!

Much Love