Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Things You Will Know If You Are Still Living at Home With Parents.

Living with your parents into your 20's and 30's can be like navigating a battlefield, By the time you've got yourself a job and independence and are playing the waiting game of - 'Oh I can't afford that house yet' it gets really tricky maintaining angelic relations with the people who raised you.

When we are young, we follow our parents every move, learning from them and doing things the way they do things. As we grow older we evolve our own way; how we maintain our washing bins, when and how we do the cleaning and our way of a well running of a household, are done in many different ways and this just doesn't sit right when there are already house rules and regulations in place - as they have been for years. So below there is a list of some things that, if you are in the situation similar to above, you will find very familiar.

Always Knowing Where You Are.They are always going to want to know where you are, no matter how old you get.

This is one of the ones that personally doesn't bother me very much, but some of the people I know have a serious hate relationship with this.Parents will always want to know where you are. Normally back at 6:00pm? 15 Minutes late and you'll get something along the lines of:*Ring-Ring*"Are you okay love, I was worried because you're normally back by now.""I'm fine, I had a meeting to attend after work."No matter how old you get if you are under their roof you are their responsibility and their 'baby', this especially rings true if you haven't ever flown the nest. Though still occurs with those who have moved out a few years before and have moved back in with their parents again. You can help the situation by dropping a quick text or email, not necessarily to tell them where you are but "just a note to say ill be in later than normal and not to worry"It is inevitable trait of a parent to worry for the safety of their child and it is a gesture of love. 

No Matter How Tidy You Are Something Will Always Be Your Mess.
"You Treat This House Like A Hotel!"

There is no truer statement than this one when you live at home
 with parents AND siblings.

In a house of people there will always be conflicts. There will always be a messier one, there will always be a tidier one, There will always be a lazier one and so on. Of course this will lead to conflicts because again, it comes down to how each individual would run a household.

For example, I am very clean and tidy, anything I use will be washed up and left to drain, the bathroom is cleaned every other day and deep cleaned every thursday. Wednesday daytime is washing day. Weekends are relax days. I am a being of schedules, lists and plans. 

On the other hand, my mother is the complete opposite. On the days when she has a lot of work, she will also cram in some washing, cleaning and tidying, then be tired and grumpy because she's been on her feet for 12 hours non-stop and feeling like the world is against her. On the weekends she will catch up on the things that she was too tired to do on the days when she had little work. She is constantly on her feet doing tasks because of a lack of self control to stop when tired. So when my 'Rest days' arrive, there is a conflict because she will be a busy bee whilst I've accomplished the tasks over the week with very little to do for the weekend. It is a clash of the way we schedule ourselves and how we would run a household.

The above becomes worse if you add a lazy person into the equation. Double it if it happens to be a younger sibling! They will always be the baby, they will never do as many chores as you do, they will always get the free deodorant and clothing. (but that's another story) and they will never clean up after themselves. The ending result: Stressed parents that somehow overlook everything you have done for the household across the week.

Buy Your Own Food? HA! Its Not Yours...That food you bought, that's not yours. Even if you wrote your name on it, your sibling or your parents will eat it. Finders-eaters.

This is one of the worst parts of living in my household. You pay rent to live at home and you pride yourself in self-sufficiency, buying and cooking your own meals...then someone eats it for you! 

Now this is nothing about sharing, if you buy yourself a whole pack of chicken and cook dinner sure, you'll cook for everyone if there is enough. On the other hand if you've named and labeled that steak you've left in the fridge for when you get back from work and it's been eaten when you get home...the pain and anger and injustice is enough to send you into a frenzy. Not to mention the extra dose of crazy that the hangryness causes!I tried allsorts of possible solutions to this but alas the only thing that worked was getting my own space in a cupboard in the kitchen, and getting a mini fridge/freezer in my room. Almost turning the room into 'student accommodation'. 

Daytime T.V.As the parents get older, their love for daytime television 
evolves into a monstrous being.

This is no joke. With the amounts of 'Flog It!, Bargain Hunt, Storage Hunters, and C.S.I' that that find their way onto our T.V I'm surprised it hasn't engraved itself onto the screen. In fact sometimes, I think it has! Its even recorded in the daytime to watch in the evening. There is nothing you can do about it. There is no manner of insults you can give it to stop them watching. If you can't stand it best go to your room to save the hassle.

And last but not least:
Expect to always be picked at and frowned upon for living in your parents home.Actually scrap that...your childhood bedroom. Do make sure you give it a lick of paint!

On the daily you will find people who snigger at you for living at home, Even your family members will try give you a nudge, turn their backs to you or pick at your brains to see why it hasn't happened yet. It's probably worse than the whole "So when are you getting married then?" when you have been in a long term relationship.

The point of the matter is it was a lot easier back when your parents and grandparents had to buy their first house, Heck, it was a lot easier 20 years ago, let alone 50 years ago when one(1) persons living wage could cover a whole household!

If you are still living at home, don't fret. You are not alone, you never will be. Some won't ever leave their family home and if you get on well with your parents and it is an angelic environment why not! It saves you all money in the long run. 
On the other hand, those of us who struggle on the daily to keep a euphoric relationship on the cards. It's a whole other story!

Have you any other typical "Living with parents" scenarios?Share in the comments below! :)

Much LoveJ4