Wednesday, 17 December 2014

My Learning-To-Drive Journey - Chapter Fifteen

I Passed a Mock Test!

Hours:  29 & 30

I know I said the 29th hour was last time, but I cant count haha!



It's a short post today as I only have this short amount of time before work at 12


I know maybe its not that much of a big deal but to me it finally gives me some confidence for my test.


I got 6 minors in total, you are allowed 15 so I was way under.

 I can remember 3 of the minors:

a) Show me Question,
b) Holding back too often for other road users (Being too nice!)
c) Not holding back for other road users.

Okay I know the above doesn't make much sense so I'll run you through it.


The Show Me Question.

At the beginning of the practical exam you are asked two questions. One show me and one tell me, I got the first one right which was 'tell me how you would know if you power assisted steering was working correctly'. Easy, the second one the 'Tell me' was please show me how you would test your handbrake was working correctly. Phaha I've been over this one so many time and I still can't spit the right answer out or remember how to do it ha!

(Funny this is I asked my mother and father - who have been driving claims free for over 25+ each - and they didn't know the correct answer either!)


Holding back and not holding back!?

This is ridiculous, two contradicting minors in the same mock test within the space of 5 minutes. The thing is I tend to hold back for other users unless I know I have absolute priority and they are not going to come flying at me through a tiny weeny gap - which most do by the way. My driving instructor has different views on this saying if you have priority then take it. But if everyone thinks the same way - most user thinking this when they don't have priority. Then we all DIE?...

Coming through a road in which parked cars are all along my side. I continue through as there are no cars coming in the opposite direction. Along comes a car that in my eyes has no intention of stopping for me to continue. coming up a wider stretch of the road is available so i position myself at the widest part so the oncoming car can get past easily, since he was not stopping for anyone...

This caused me to get the minor for holding back to much.

Technically I can see where the instructor is coming from, sticking to the book, yes if I have assumed priority and am coming through a place in which the other side will have to give way I should carry on on my journey if it has already started.

So in my opinion, the other guy wasn't going to stop for me - No Way - So why on earth would I go steaming through as well?


At the end of the day a passing grade is at the discretion of the instructor/examiner. The same way it's the drivers discretion whether they continue through a small gap of hold back and once you've passed the test, best drive how you are comfortable too rather than squeezing through all those gaps dangerously with another's driving patterns in your mind.

That's all for today folks!
Speak soon

Much Love