Tuesday, 25 November 2014

My Learning-To-Drive Journey - Chapter Fourteen And a Few Hours 22 to 29.

Experience, Confidence and a Chicken?.

Hours:  22 to 29.

Wow We Are Getting Through These Hours Aren't We?


Hello World!

I am back to report on the driving situation as of late. It has Been just over a month, so here is the current low-down.

Since my post about driving I have done lot of hours! I shan't tell you about every single moment That would be crazy as its all the same now, so ill just tell you about some of my experiences,

The Last 7 hours I have been learning more routes. I know, I know 'you where doing that last time J4!' But honestly my sense of direction is faulty ha ha.


Monday morning drivers are SO SO scary!
I Usually have my lessons from 8 till 10am in the morning, a monday has been one of the days i have most of my lessons on and gosh ghe drivers on the road are so erratic and impatient on a monday!.

I guesss it's because everyone is late for the school run or late for work, maybe there even late on the schedualled shoppng time of something but jees! 

- Pulling out from a junction infront of cars going 60MPH
- Using the wrong lane on a roundabout cutting up correct drivers.
- Waiting at traffic lights, becoming impatient, and driving on the wrong side of the road for several meters just to turn off (nearly crashing into the oncoming cars at the same time Ahhh)

Bassically, Don't drive on a monday if you can help it haha. 
If you've got to.... be safe please guys! everyone already has sleepy eyes and rubbish reactions let along having to allow for silly mistakes in the monday madness!


I Have done a mock test, Literally a run through of how the test will be. Starting at the test centre, a 10 minute independent drive (this is why you need to know your way around a bit), a manoeuvre and the "show me - tell me" questions. Of course, as on the real test we have minors and majors. 

To Pass you are allowed 

14 Minors.
0 Majors.

I Failed My Mock Test.

For me this is a big deal. I HATE FAILING and I feel like a complete (Insert-Bad-Word-Of-Choice) for failing a mock test when I had already done about 24 hours driving. :( 

I Got a Major, Not too Far from the end of the 45 minutes test.

I Pulled Out In front Of Someone On a Mini Roundabout. Whoopsey!

It Was so scary, and admittedly I cried because I failed and I was shaken up with this rather scary 'pulling-out-half-way-in-front-of-a-scary-going-35-in-a-20mph-zone-speeding-man-in-a-Mercedes' And I NEVER Cry. NEVER EVER! This just makes it quadruple worse than it actually was, I ended up leaving my lesson 15 minutes early that day. (what  a waste of money!)

From then on my confidence took a hit, I became hesitant on roundabouts not wanting to pull out in front of anyone. Thankfully this has passed again now I have put the failure behind me.


I'm not mentioning a test date yet as even my closet friends and family do not know I have booked it in. It's taken me while (about a month) to build up the courage to book it in.

 I think I will be keeping it secret until I actually get that pass certificate. 
All I shall say is that its booked and I've managed to pay for all my lessons leading up to it.

Well That's It Really!

I Have a few more mock tests to get through in the next few lessons.
I'll update you on each one as we get to them!

Next Lesson Saturday 29th November 2014.
Are you learning to drive or do you remember what its like on your driving test. 
I'd love to know how you did, and what I should expect!
It's Scary.

See you next weekend!
Much Love