Thursday, 2 October 2014

My Learning-To-Drive Journey - Chapter Twelve

Gaining Experience

Hours: 18 & 19

2 Hour Lesson
Tuesday 23rd September 2014

INSTRUCTOR: I am Impressed J4, Mock test after the next lesson I think.



Today was a nice relaxed driving day, I spent my 2 hours getting more confident on big roundabouts and dual carriageways, Pushing myself to drive over 50MPH (honestly I'm a granny when it comes to going faster) 

 There's not much to report for today's lesson, just practising on big roundabouts and getting to know the routes I am likely to take in my final exam. 

Driving is so much easier when you know the roads and what lane you are supposed to be in on those massive roundabouts and also, when you know where that big corner is slowing down to 20MPH.

I Was quite proud of myself today I managed to just about get up to the national speed limit on the dual carriageway (70mph for a car) which was much better than my measly 50MPH. A danger to myself and other traffic. 

Big roundabouts still need some improvement, I am slightly too hesitant to get onto them, but after that initial step all is well :)

That's pretty much my lesson for the day!

So a few highlights of my lessons, good and bad:
  • More confidence to gain t speeds and getting onto a roundabout.
  • Supposedly one more lesson before my mock test.
  • Still looking like a November pass if all goes well.

Next Lesson Friday 3rd October 2014

WOW Can you believe we are already in October?
 Another year has passed by in a flash.

Back soon!

Much Love

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