Monday, 13 October 2014

My Learning-To-Drive Journey - Chapter Thirteen

Still Gaining Experience

Hours: 20 & 21

2 Hour Lesson
Friday 3rd October 2014

INSTRUCTOR: J4 if you get through your practical with no marks against

 your name I will adopt you! hahaha

BRILLIANT.... you are a strange one.... 
and I don't think you can adopt anyone over18.


Today was simply a driving day. Not much to report, still just gaining more experience on the roads, roundabouts and ring roads.  I am trying to learn as many routes as I can so I will be ready for whichever way I am taken on my exam. Maybe. Of course anything is possible and i could come up against anything that i havent come across before. thats why its best to get as much experience as possible. 

Especially since I DO NOT want to pay out twice for the practical examination.
(more info down below)

Today I spoke to my driving instructor about booking in a test and in which way I should go about it. I just pick a day off the website and text him to make sure it free! 
Simple as that.


Lets tot' up the costing for the practical exam...

One hour before the test in the driving instructors car: £20
One hour of the test in the driving instructors car: £20
Actual examination costs to pay via website: £60

Total For The Final Practical Exam: £100

This is so damn expensive!
(Who wants to drive anyway...?... Just kidding!)

So I guess I shall have to swallow the pain and hand over the money,
 after all, I have only got to do it once....

...If The Odds Are In My Favour.

(Which, usually they are not, but at least I have not been pitted against other humans and the elements in an inescapable match to the death)

Sorry, My Fellow Hunger Games Lovers 
(Books of course)


I Think I am ready...ish?

After my next lesson on Monday 20th October 2014

We should know how well I do in my mock test!

Its booked up till mid November at the moment I need to get in their soon!

Update you soon ;) !

Much Love

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