Thursday, 2 October 2014

My Learning-To-Drive Journey - Chapter Eleven

Bay Parking

Hours: 16 & 17

2 Hour Lesson
Friday 19th September


'Oh Poo! I Didn't See that I was so focused on the roundabout ahead! '

INSTRUCTOR:  'I wondered if you hadn't seen it or you where just very confident it was going to turn green' hahaha

(we did stop, thanks to the instructors dual foot controls haha)

Today we focused on getting the last manoeuvre done and dusted.
The Bay Park.

This is the parking method used to park in places like supermarket car parks.


Driving from home again, on the main road to a different town, still exploring!

Oh its so nice when you can see yourself improve. Just a bit more confidence at speed (must-go-over-50mph Ha!) and more confidence pulling onto the larger roundabouts, and I shall be well on the way to the finish line. Today, the new skill and final manoeuvre to tick off the list was the bay park.

This is bay parking

This parking method is used in multiple ways, and is typically used when parking for shopping in a superstore.

In the exam you will be asked to reverse into a bay, though generally in a real life situation you may actually want to drive in, since you might want access to you boot to load your shopping, durr!

  • To start the manoeuvre pull up beside the White line - 2 lines up from the bay you would like to be in. 

  •  Check everywhere and start reversing
  • Immediately put full lock on the steering wheel (turning fully in the direction you need until it stops) 

  • Continue reversing into your space, it should be lining up well.
  • Keep a good level of awareness, make sure you know what's coming, if anything appears.
  • Once your door handles are parallel with the White parking lines. You can straighten up the wheel by turning back the other way (whilst still reversing a bit so you don't do any dry steering)
  • Reverse till you are within the line, and don't crash into anything behind you!

in the lines done and dusted, this is one of the manoeuvres I find a bit trickier than others, I hope I don't get this one in my exam! tee-hee

So a few highlights of my lessons, good and bad:
  • Focusing too much on what is ahead is not a good thing, Question: if you run a red light in your instructors car, who gets the blame?!?
  • No, I didn't run the light, but would have if it wasn't for dual foot controls.
  • General driving skills are still tip-top, YEY!
  • Mock test coming soon, then if all is well, here we come test date!
To Pass before my Birthday in November, would be amazing.

Next Lesson Tuesday 23rd September 2014

Are you a new or experienced driver? 
How did you learn to do a bay park?

Stay tuned 

Much Love
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