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Easy Food DIY: Creamy Swede and Carrot Soup (Vegetarian)

This is So Delicious!

Having a dinner party and have no idea what to cook for that vegetarian friend? 
Have little ones who run at the sight of anything healthy, this may be the perfect way to get some veggies in them!

The cream in the recipe is variable, to taste. I believe it  really sets off this delicious vegetarian soup and my family do too. Great for a chilly winters day to warm from within. It's really simple to create and unlike most of my cooking, I don't feel the need to prepare everything before hand, as you can prep and throw the ingredients in as you go. Perfect!

The Following Creates 4-5 Adult Sized Main Meal Bowls.

(But can be frozen and stored for approx. 1 month)

Food Ingredients.
  • 1 swede 
  • 3 - 4 carrots
  • 2 sticks of celery.
  • 2 - 3 onions
  • 2 large potatoes, or several new potatoes.
  • 2 Vegetable stock cubes (Chicken stock cubes work fine here too. Though of course not veggie friendly) 
  • 2-3 Cloves garlic.
  • Salt and Pepper.
  • A pot of single cream (or whipping cream) to taste.
  • Parsley for garnish if required.

  • Pan for boiling all the ingredients.
  • Blender, or hand blender.
  • Frying pan and oil for onions.
  • Sieve if you want very smooth soup.
  • A Clean large pan for finished soup.
  • Knife and chopping board.
  • Ladle.

Ready? Lets Start!

Fill a large pan half filled with water and set on high to boil. (about 2-3 pints)

Wash, peel and cut the swede into manageable chunks. This an be a tough process, start by slicing the swede in half to aid safe cutting as its such a hard vegetable. 
Ensure you have a sharp Knife!

Chuck Them In The Pot!
Turn the heat down to simmer. 

(Don't worry about the aesthetics of any veggies. It will all be blended)

Repeat the process with the carrots. These are a lot easier to peel and cut. 
You can use a peeler to peel them.

 I find the easiest way to peel carrots the thinnest end on the chopping board and stroking down and away from you with the peeler. 
This gives me a super eco way of peeling, with a neat pile of peel, rather than bits flying everywhere.
You can get really fast at this too. You'll be a carrot peeling and cutting machine haha.

Chuck Them In The Pot!

Peel and cut your potatoes. If you have new potatoes or salad potatoes, by all means just wash, chop and throw them in as they are.


Wash and cut the celery and place in the pan with the swede and carrots. 
To prepare celery we cut off the ends and dispose of them. Then chop, Just like a carrot.

Don't you think celery looks like little caterpillars when its chopped up like this, is that a good image to have when we are putting them in our pot? haha

Chuck Them In The Pot!

Whilst the hard veggies are softening, cut onions and fry in oil or butter then set aside.

You should have something similar to this at this point in the cooking stage.

So Continuing ...

Garlic Crushed With The Side Of A Knife

Cut off ends of garlic cloves and remove the skin. Leave whole but crush with the side of the knife. This releases the favours but save on chopping time, after all the blender will wizz it all to pulp.

Chuck Them In The Pot!

In Go The Stock Cubes.
Remember to keep this veggie friendly use vegetable stock cubes, I would have used them, but it just so happened my parlour ran out & chicken S.cubes had to suffice.

 Leave for 10-12 minutes stirring occasionally. 
We are letting all the flavours combine, and boiling away some of the liquid.


Chuck The Fried Onions In The Pot!


Now is a great time to set up the blender, and clear up anything we have previously used. Also a great time to set the table, prep the bowls and cutlery, cut and butter the bread and all the other things you could possibly fit into this time space.

 I don't know about you but I love to have the kitchen clean and tidy before I eat my meal, I don't want to have to move once I am full of good food!

 Returning to the stove, taste the stock, salt and pepper as required.
Take a small knife and see if the hard veggies are soft enough your knife should pass through them like butter. If not, leave to cook for a further 10 minutes. If you are running out of water, add just enough to cover the veggies, from a freshly boiled kettle. 

If your veggies are cooked through and you have about one quarter of the vegetables peeping out of the stock. It's time to blend. 

Ensure your large pan for the finished soup is warm. You can put on a very low heat or you can rinse through with boiled clean water (Tipped out before commencing the next step)

I Changed pans twice during this tutorial causing myself way too much washing up!

Ladle the chunky soup mixture into the blender, don't worry if it won't all fit you can do this several times. If you would like super-smooth-soup (Try saying that 10 times, fast!) you can use a sieve over the large pan and pour the soup through that to remove any lumps or fiborous pieces. It may need a bit of encouragement, with the help of a wooden spoon, but remember you'll be getting rid of
 some of the vegetables most nutritious bits

Time to add the cream!

After blending your soup (and sieving if necessary) Open your cream and pour in approximately 200ml. Stir, heat through then taste. 

If it is good stop there, if not add more!
Continue till you have the creaminess you like. Remember to save cream for garnish. 

Make sure the soup is heated through, do not boil! (It ruins the flavours and splatters everywhere! Volcanic eruption comes to mind)

Serve in nice shallow bowls to aid cooling. Swirl some cream and add parsley for garnish if you wish. A couple of slices of crusty French bread and real butter wouldn't go amiss here. 


I hope you enjoyed/will enjoy this recipe, I love having this soup as an autumn pick me up just as all those cold and flu's set in. It's a great way to get a few of your five a day in, being cautious of the fat content in the cream as its so easy to 
be tempted by the whole pot hahaha! 

Feel free to mix up the veggies and experiment, tell me what you come up with, I am always looking for new recipes to taste!

See you soon.
Much love 
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