Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Show and Tell: Mermaids, Bubbles & Metallic Green Nail Art

Today is a nice nail day. 

Metallic greens in two colours and dotted nails to look like bubbles create a fantasy mermaid look from Under the Sea.
Perfect to Finish off this years Halloween look.

They are really simple to do and they look fab-u-lous, always a compliment bringer.
A few years ago I created a mermaid look for Halloween and these would have been perfect!

I don't have a tutorial on these Mermaid Nails, but here's a quick explanation.


  • start with bare nicely rounded nails, I always imagine mermaid nails to be smooth and like paddles haha.
  • Add base coat.
  • Paint all nails in a metallic deep green, I used this one from Barry M (334 Teal) Don't paint the ring finger and the thumbs on each hand.
  • Paint ring fingers and thumbs in a  lighter metallic green I used this Italian 'Smalto' brand in the colour 'Tropical Jungle'
  • Using a sponge and the opposite colours to what you have on each nail, do a gradient effect.
  • Then on the ring and thumb finger put bubbles (dots) across the whole nail, if you do this in staggered lines you get the best cover.
Paint with a top coat and you done.

And that's it!
 Super simple with gorgeous effects. You can always put a little gem at the base of every nail (Same place I have put a light green dot) 
This would really finish off the nails.

Now I'm going to give these babies a top coat and then off to work.

I shall probably make step by step tutorials when I am better at nail art.
But in the meantime tell me; what your fav' go-to nail inspiration is?

Hope you all have or have had a fabulous day wherever you are in the world!

Much Love
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