Tuesday, 12 August 2014

My Learning-To-Drive Journey - Chapter Five


Hours 5 & 6

2  Hours Per Lesson
Tuesday 5th August 2014 


"Mooorninnnnggg! how are you today?"
INSTRUCTOR: "Happy its nearly my week off!"
"I've Got a week off now, hoping the sunshine comes back!"


 So I am writing this a week later.It's the 12th of August right now. I have had a busy but relaxed week. But to
day I have said goodbye to my Italian Cousin and Aunty, and my other half as we are back to our normal weekend schedule again due to work starting up again tomorrow. This makes me rather sad and I would very much like to retire right now and live the rest of my life free from worry and visiting family and nice places haha.

Wouldn't we all ey?


In my 3rd Lesson Hours 5 & 6 We hit the roundabouts, super exciting, and a little nerve-racking at the same time. 

Nice and easy if the roundabout is clear but makes you think about what your hands, feet and eyes are doing when you have to stop and wait, changing down into first, indicating at the right time and making sure your in the right gear on the approach.

Of course my steering isn't the strongest part of driving skills so far so; roundabouts are taken with caution and at about 15 MPH haha

(any more and I might be in a bush of another car!)

Roundabouts look really easy and all the lanes and things are really easy to get your mind around. Its the actual DOING that takes the brain power. So far I struggle to fit in the indicators when leaving the roundabout as i am focusing on my steering but I am sure this will come a little more naturally as I become better at steering. though there is a vast improvement in my steering this time round.

Worst part of today? crashing into the kerb at 25MPH and having the driving instructor grab the steering wheel.

Shall I explain a little?

So pulling out of a junction is easy, done that. 
Got up to speed and whilst changing into 3rd gear you take your left hand of the steering wheel so you are only holding with one hand. this so happens to be the point (as I am moving my left hand on the gear stick) that I manage to push up with my right hand and steer into the kerb, bouncing off and make a tremendous rubber screeching noise 

So a few highlights of my lesson, good and bad:

  • I Crashed into the Kerb on a straight road at 25 MPH.... HOW?!?
  • Roundabouts indicators are currently non-existent.
  • Steering is getting better but I hug the kerb.
  • Roundabout positions are done and dusted baby!

I am a FAB-U-LOUS Driver hahaha!

Got a little wait till the next one as the Instructor is on holiday 

and I have work commitments. :(
Next Lesson 26th August 2014

Cya Soon!

Much Love
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