Friday, 1 August 2014

My Learning-To-Drive Journey - Chapter Four

Creeping and Peeping?!Hours 3 & 4.

2  Hours Per Lesson
Thursday 31st July 2014 


"Hello again, how are you?"
INSTRUCTOR: "Just about awake and waiting for my bacon sandwich break haha"

Second lesson was super fun. Driving around meeting traffic and getting into 3rd gear, up to 30 MPH, lots of junctions, Hill starts and a funny little thing called 'Creeping & Peeping' which requires some skilful clutch control.


You get two different types of junctions. Closed and open.

An open junction is a junction which allows you to view the adjoining road before you reach the give way lines. These junctions make it possible to pull out onto a clear road without having to stop at the lines to check if its clear.

A Closed junction is the opposite. Your view is limited so you cannot see the adjoining road even when you have reached the give way lines.
This may require the 'Creeping & Peeping' method.

Creeping and peeping is literally just using the clutch biting point and either the hand brake/foot brake, at the end of a junction, to move the car in a controlled crawl (creeping) similar to what you would do in a traffic que.

Since you are 'Creeping' out you then have increased vision of the road (peeping) but still have full control of the vehicle so you can stop at any point danger appears.
Super nifty right?

So a few highlights of my lesson, good and bad:

  • I managed to almost roll backwards into a taxi at a inclined junction!
  • I keep forgetting to change into first gear to pull away. DOH!
  • I Didn't hit the kerb at all this time!
  • Clutch control is awesome!

Still super excited and cannot WAIT for the next one.
4 hours down. Getting there.

Next Lesson Tuesday 5th August 2014
Stay with me 

Much love

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