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Health Review: Pearl Drops Instant White Toothpaste


That about sum it up? haha

About a year ago, I decided that my teeth needed to be whiter.
 I needed that whiter-toothed confidence boost and to get my stained teeth back to their natural whiteness.

I searched the shelves, and over a period of a few months, bought several whitening toothpastes that claimed to do wonders to your tooth colour, yet failed to hold up to expectations when it came to the real tests.
(Colgate, Macleans, Oral-B to name a few.)

So after whitening toothpaste failed me I moved over to crest whitening strips 
(love these tell me if you need a review) but of course I needed a good toothpaste to keep up the whiteness after application. 

Alas I came across Pearl Drops.

Actual Product Description

Pearl Drops Instant White, with natural pearls, is a breakthrough in teeth whitening. Unique blend of polishing agents in the 4D Whitening System. Accelerate whiteness and helps lift stains and plaque whilst the Pro-Shine complex gives instant gloss. Essential fluoride strengthens enamel and protects against tooth decay.
This clinically proven formula is gentle and safe for everyday use.

• 81% said it made their teeth visibly whiter*
• 77% agreed it boosted the lustre of their teeth**

**Self-assessments of 50 people


Price and Shop
Pearl Drops Instant White 50ml
Shop: local supermarket.
Cost: £2.66 on SALE (Full price £3.99)

Why had I never come across the whitening line of Pearls Drops before?

There are about 5 different whitening toothpaste in their range, and if I think back, my mum used to use their normal toothpaste back-in-the-day, 
so I subconsciously must have known about it all along!

In the Pearl Drops Toothpaste Whitening Line There Is:
Pearl Drops Ultimate white
Pearl Drops Instant White (My Fav)
Pearl Drops Pro White 
Pearl Drops Restore White

So far I have used the 'Pearl drops Ultimate white' and the Instant White toothpastes. 
For me the Ultimate white toothpaste took a long time to see results and my teeth did not feel as clean as when I used the 'Instant White' Product. 
Also 'Ultimate White' is white in colour and way more boring than the 'Instant White' pink one haha!

How I Use This Product?

The instructions say to brush 3 times daily for the first week and twice daily there after.

I just brush my teeth as and when I feel like they need a clean or any time before I go out anywhere. Some days my teeth may get brushed up to 4 times and on other days they get the normal two-times and in all honesty my evening tooth brushing session may get missed out on very sleepy occasions, but not often as we like clean healthy sparkly teeth!
(I'm sure we all do it sometimes, we are not perfect)


When using the toothpaste its pink! A good one for all you girls that love the colour, and as mad as it sounds, it brightens up my morning. 

Also when you're finished it makes your 
gums and tongue very pink, clean and healthy looking. 

(my grandma - who used to be a dentist - explains that this may be one of 
the factors that make your teeth look so white.)


Pros and Cons?

Super Clean feeling teeth.
Super shiny looking teeth.

A Very Pink tongue. (its a good thing right?!? hehe)
The box has a colour chart to measure your progress.
On Offer it proves good value for money against non-whitening toothpaste.


The toothpaste is slightly abrasive so can be damaging to your teeth.
When not on sale it can hurt the bank, especially for something used so regularly!
At 50ml its at least half of the amount you get in your typical toothpaste (100ml+)

My Conclusion:
After I have brushed my teeth with this stuff my teeth feel 

You know when you rub your tongue over you teeth and they feel 'frosty'? BLERGH!
I hate that feeling so much. This toothpaste really does it for me, and that is something the general toothpastes that I have tried, do not do.

Well worth a try when its on offer, but can be a bit expensive when its not. 
Stock up when you can and find it in cheaper stores where you can.

May not work for everyone but at £2.66 (on Sale) it a good buy in my opinion!

Have you got other products you love using to keep your teeth white?
 Have you tried Pearl Drops? Do you have a better alternative?

Let me know in the comments below, I'd love to hear from you.

Much love

(disclaimer: All product self purchased with own funds)

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