Friday, 22 August 2014

My Learning-To-Drive Journey - Chapter Six

Emergency Stops & Recapping

Hours 7 & 8

2  Hour Lesson
Friday 22nd August 2014 


INSTRUCTOR "So when we are emergency stopping we don't want the child to end up under the car"

"Best not! Pahahaha"


 Driving after a couple of weeks is very strange. my lesson actually has arrived earlier than expected as it changed to this morning instead of next Tuesday 26th as someone needed those hours for a test.

 I really did think I would have forgotten everything and lost all my ability to drive, turns out I'm better than I ever have been!

Today was filled with a recap of everything we had done before, learning to pull in a little closer to the kerb without killing the wheels and EMERGENCY STOPS!


Since my last (3rd) lesson was 2 and a half weeks ago we recapped everything I had previously done in earlier lessons. This was approx the first 30 minutes of my 2 hour lesson.

First- Starting and Pulling off

 You'll always have a lot of practise at, since it happens first and foremost before you start anywhere and I've got this done and dusted and pretty much signed off.

Second - Junctions, Open and Closed.

This I had a few troubles with in my first few lessons, I kept forgetting to change down into first gear, when the car had stopped, ready to pull away. 
Now I must remember the routine. Mirrors, Signal, Position, Speed(Brakes & gears). This is to help plan your approach to a junction or roundabout so you can fit everything in without having to rush or 'drop out' something. (like indicators or mirrors in my case as I'm still focusing on steering in the right direction!)

Third - Roundabouts.

Well the odd little blip on the VERY tight roundabouts such as forgetting one thing like looking in mirrors or indicating, (which really isn't the best practise to follow, but like I said in the last Learning - to - Drive post, if I didn't do that I'd be in a bush or in the back of someone's car! haha)  
I haven't come across many mini roundabouts so far and that's listed to cover a couple on the next lesson just to look over them although he thinks I'll have them done and dusted anyway, its just covering all subject areas to sign off. 

Fourth - Crossroads

We touched very briefly on crossroad on the last lesson for about 5-15 minutes but to fully understand exactly who has priority we went over them a little more.

Fifth - Pulling up.

Getting this down now, slowly bringing the car in rather than pulling in tight hitting the wheels and being wonky!

So that was all for the recapping and getting use to the car again then onto the new stuff!



This was one of the topics involved in driving that I was quite nervous about.
my mother and father, who both drive, explained their experiences when they where on their driving tests explaining that the examiner hit his clipboard on the dashboard in a strong aggressive manner, making them jump even before you get to Emergency Stopping.

It really wasn't bad at all.

When getting ready to command the emergency stop my instructor would turn around in his seat looking over his right shoulder to check the coast is clear. When he was sure there was a suitable place to perform the manoeuvre he place his hand in front of him in a stop sign gesture and said stop, firmly, loudly but not over the top.

When performing the emergency stop, one is not to check mirrors ( as in a real emergency you would not have time for this and you should already be aware of what was behind you if you had already been paying attention to the road) Do not use the handbrake in and emergency stop as this locks your wheels and that's a real no-no.

To perform the stop manoeuvre, you keep hold of the steering wheel and react to the stop command with foot brake then Clutch. Into neutral and on with the handbrake once stationary. Securing your car in case someone has been following you too closely and crashes into your bottom.

then calm yourself with a 2 second breather, and do your start up routine and get going again.
Easy peasy lemon squeazy!

I did the emergency stop 4 times. 2 of those time the 'child' that we where emergency stopping for, probably ended up under the car. I Almost got it by the third time but I double tapped the brakes so the back wheels skidded.
Opps! There she goes killing his wheels again! Sorry!

So a few highlights of my lesson, good and bad:
  • Emergency stops are still nerve racking, but always will be right?
  • My indicators on roundabouts with extreme turning are still non existent.
  • Steering is 100% better
  • Doing most of it on my own, and ready to go for a real drive along faster roads on the next 2 hour lesson!

I am an even more FAB-U-LOUS Driver Hehe!

Next lesson is only and hour long as I have a brainier day ahead and I find driving very mentally draining at the moment! though getting easier as my body is getting used to doing this automatically.

Next Lesson 29th August 2014

Are you learning to drive right now? 
Drop me a message to tell me how your doing.

It's definitely helping me remember how to drive by writing it all down! 

Much Love

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Health Review: Pearl Drops Instant White Toothpaste


That about sum it up? haha

About a year ago, I decided that my teeth needed to be whiter.
 I needed that whiter-toothed confidence boost and to get my stained teeth back to their natural whiteness.

I searched the shelves, and over a period of a few months, bought several whitening toothpastes that claimed to do wonders to your tooth colour, yet failed to hold up to expectations when it came to the real tests.
(Colgate, Macleans, Oral-B to name a few.)

So after whitening toothpaste failed me I moved over to crest whitening strips 
(love these tell me if you need a review) but of course I needed a good toothpaste to keep up the whiteness after application. 

Alas I came across Pearl Drops.

Actual Product Description

Pearl Drops Instant White, with natural pearls, is a breakthrough in teeth whitening. Unique blend of polishing agents in the 4D Whitening System. Accelerate whiteness and helps lift stains and plaque whilst the Pro-Shine complex gives instant gloss. Essential fluoride strengthens enamel and protects against tooth decay.
This clinically proven formula is gentle and safe for everyday use.

• 81% said it made their teeth visibly whiter*
• 77% agreed it boosted the lustre of their teeth**

**Self-assessments of 50 people


Price and Shop
Pearl Drops Instant White 50ml
Shop: local supermarket.
Cost: £2.66 on SALE (Full price £3.99)

Why had I never come across the whitening line of Pearls Drops before?

There are about 5 different whitening toothpaste in their range, and if I think back, my mum used to use their normal toothpaste back-in-the-day, 
so I subconsciously must have known about it all along!

In the Pearl Drops Toothpaste Whitening Line There Is:
Pearl Drops Ultimate white
Pearl Drops Instant White (My Fav)
Pearl Drops Pro White 
Pearl Drops Restore White

So far I have used the 'Pearl drops Ultimate white' and the Instant White toothpastes. 
For me the Ultimate white toothpaste took a long time to see results and my teeth did not feel as clean as when I used the 'Instant White' Product. 
Also 'Ultimate White' is white in colour and way more boring than the 'Instant White' pink one haha!

How I Use This Product?

The instructions say to brush 3 times daily for the first week and twice daily there after.

I just brush my teeth as and when I feel like they need a clean or any time before I go out anywhere. Some days my teeth may get brushed up to 4 times and on other days they get the normal two-times and in all honesty my evening tooth brushing session may get missed out on very sleepy occasions, but not often as we like clean healthy sparkly teeth!
(I'm sure we all do it sometimes, we are not perfect)


When using the toothpaste its pink! A good one for all you girls that love the colour, and as mad as it sounds, it brightens up my morning. 

Also when you're finished it makes your 
gums and tongue very pink, clean and healthy looking. 

(my grandma - who used to be a dentist - explains that this may be one of 
the factors that make your teeth look so white.)


Pros and Cons?

Super Clean feeling teeth.
Super shiny looking teeth.

A Very Pink tongue. (its a good thing right?!? hehe)
The box has a colour chart to measure your progress.
On Offer it proves good value for money against non-whitening toothpaste.


The toothpaste is slightly abrasive so can be damaging to your teeth.
When not on sale it can hurt the bank, especially for something used so regularly!
At 50ml its at least half of the amount you get in your typical toothpaste (100ml+)

My Conclusion:
After I have brushed my teeth with this stuff my teeth feel 

You know when you rub your tongue over you teeth and they feel 'frosty'? BLERGH!
I hate that feeling so much. This toothpaste really does it for me, and that is something the general toothpastes that I have tried, do not do.

Well worth a try when its on offer, but can be a bit expensive when its not. 
Stock up when you can and find it in cheaper stores where you can.

May not work for everyone but at £2.66 (on Sale) it a good buy in my opinion!

Have you got other products you love using to keep your teeth white?
 Have you tried Pearl Drops? Do you have a better alternative?

Let me know in the comments below, I'd love to hear from you.

Much love

(disclaimer: All product self purchased with own funds)

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

My Learning-To-Drive Journey - Chapter Five


Hours 5 & 6

2  Hours Per Lesson
Tuesday 5th August 2014 


"Mooorninnnnggg! how are you today?"
INSTRUCTOR: "Happy its nearly my week off!"
"I've Got a week off now, hoping the sunshine comes back!"


 So I am writing this a week later.It's the 12th of August right now. I have had a busy but relaxed week. But to
day I have said goodbye to my Italian Cousin and Aunty, and my other half as we are back to our normal weekend schedule again due to work starting up again tomorrow. This makes me rather sad and I would very much like to retire right now and live the rest of my life free from worry and visiting family and nice places haha.

Wouldn't we all ey?


In my 3rd Lesson Hours 5 & 6 We hit the roundabouts, super exciting, and a little nerve-racking at the same time. 

Nice and easy if the roundabout is clear but makes you think about what your hands, feet and eyes are doing when you have to stop and wait, changing down into first, indicating at the right time and making sure your in the right gear on the approach.

Of course my steering isn't the strongest part of driving skills so far so; roundabouts are taken with caution and at about 15 MPH haha

(any more and I might be in a bush of another car!)

Roundabouts look really easy and all the lanes and things are really easy to get your mind around. Its the actual DOING that takes the brain power. So far I struggle to fit in the indicators when leaving the roundabout as i am focusing on my steering but I am sure this will come a little more naturally as I become better at steering. though there is a vast improvement in my steering this time round.

Worst part of today? crashing into the kerb at 25MPH and having the driving instructor grab the steering wheel.

Shall I explain a little?

So pulling out of a junction is easy, done that. 
Got up to speed and whilst changing into 3rd gear you take your left hand of the steering wheel so you are only holding with one hand. this so happens to be the point (as I am moving my left hand on the gear stick) that I manage to push up with my right hand and steer into the kerb, bouncing off and make a tremendous rubber screeching noise 

So a few highlights of my lesson, good and bad:

  • I Crashed into the Kerb on a straight road at 25 MPH.... HOW?!?
  • Roundabouts indicators are currently non-existent.
  • Steering is getting better but I hug the kerb.
  • Roundabout positions are done and dusted baby!

I am a FAB-U-LOUS Driver hahaha!

Got a little wait till the next one as the Instructor is on holiday 

and I have work commitments. :(
Next Lesson 26th August 2014

Cya Soon!

Much Love

Friday, 1 August 2014

My Learning-To-Drive Journey - Chapter Four

Creeping and Peeping?!Hours 3 & 4.

2  Hours Per Lesson
Thursday 31st July 2014 


"Hello again, how are you?"
INSTRUCTOR: "Just about awake and waiting for my bacon sandwich break haha"

Second lesson was super fun. Driving around meeting traffic and getting into 3rd gear, up to 30 MPH, lots of junctions, Hill starts and a funny little thing called 'Creeping & Peeping' which requires some skilful clutch control.


You get two different types of junctions. Closed and open.

An open junction is a junction which allows you to view the adjoining road before you reach the give way lines. These junctions make it possible to pull out onto a clear road without having to stop at the lines to check if its clear.

A Closed junction is the opposite. Your view is limited so you cannot see the adjoining road even when you have reached the give way lines.
This may require the 'Creeping & Peeping' method.

Creeping and peeping is literally just using the clutch biting point and either the hand brake/foot brake, at the end of a junction, to move the car in a controlled crawl (creeping) similar to what you would do in a traffic que.

Since you are 'Creeping' out you then have increased vision of the road (peeping) but still have full control of the vehicle so you can stop at any point danger appears.
Super nifty right?

So a few highlights of my lesson, good and bad:

  • I managed to almost roll backwards into a taxi at a inclined junction!
  • I keep forgetting to change into first gear to pull away. DOH!
  • I Didn't hit the kerb at all this time!
  • Clutch control is awesome!

Still super excited and cannot WAIT for the next one.
4 hours down. Getting there.

Next Lesson Tuesday 5th August 2014
Stay with me 

Much love