Monday, 21 July 2014

The Start Of My Learning-To-Drive Journey - Chapter One

Feelings before the first one.

So the last time I came to chat to the world, it was December 2013. Gosh... 
I left you for a while.

Why did I decide to come and chatter away again despite giving it a measly try in the beginning? 

Well. in one weeks time. I am going to be starting my car driving lessons.
(About bloody time is all most people are saying 
apparently 21 years of age is old for driving now days!) 

I have never driven before and if I am totally honest rather nervous 
and when I'm nervous...

...I study. 

So on these troubled travels through the internet. I'm searching; 
What a first driving lesson is like? 
How it feels? 
What is a biting point?
When do you use the clutch?

What happens if you crash the instructors car?! ... 

...And unhelpful to my increasing nerves I find a very, VERY small amount of information on what its like to drive for the first time and if there really is 
any possible chance of pulling a 'Hermione Granger' and learning it all before hand.

So, to help those of us who are in a similar situation, or indeed will be, in a similar situation.
 I'm going to answer all the question that pop into my mind, with my own experiences, costs, feelings and progress. Logging, or indeed blogging, my Learning-to-drive-journey until the day I hold that Full Driving License in my hand!

So follow my journey and experience it with me or...
...join me on my journey and take that step towards your first driving lessons too!

Much love,
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