Thursday, 12 September 2013

Nail Art Tutorial: Pink and Gold Sweetheart

Here's a little somethin'-somethin' for you all today.

Pink nails with gold 'Sweetheart neckline' twist on the classic French tip.
Suits most day to day activities. Adding a few gems here or some chunky glitter would spruce it up for a glam night out.

Difficulty rating: Beginner

TIME: 10-20 minutes (including drying time)
What you need:
Base coat,
Pink polish,
Shimmer Gold Polish,
Top Coat.


Easy peasy lemon squeezy
No tools needed here!

Optional Extras

 Nail varnish remover and some cotton buds / Q-Tips


File your nails into desired shape and clean thoroughly to rid nails of any
 grease or dust that will prevent professional results.
If needed buff top layers of nail to reduce ridges.

Apply base coat to stop nails staining from coloured polish,
and to give longer lasting results.

STEP TWO: Pink Coats

Apply the pink varnish to all nails. 
A second coat may be needed if the polish is not very opaque.


*Helpful Hint*

Do not worry about any polish that gets onto nails
Its really easy to get that off with a q-tip / cotton bud 
dipped in polish remover, or wait till nails are completely dry and scrub
 around you nails with a nail brush.

STEP THREE: Sweetheart in Gold

The shimmer gold polish is applied with the very tip of the brush.

Using a light hand apply the polish to the tips of your nails in a 'V' shape.

Above Is one side of the heart complete.
Using a light hand start quarter way up the nail and drag 
downwards towards the centre of the tip.

Because of the shape of  the brush it will create the top of a heart shape.

STEP FOUR: Final Top Coat:

Once It's all completely dry
Finish with final layer of a top coat.

Use a Q-tip or / cotton bud dipped in polish remover 
to remove and smudges around your nails.

Enjoy your sweet nails. pair with something gold like a clutch 
or gold jewellery to really make them pop!

I Hope you enjoyed this Nail Art Tutorial, Stay tuned for all this and more!
Much Love

(Disclaimer: All product self purchased with own funds)

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