Thursday, 5 September 2013

Nail Art Tutorial: Brown and White Dotty

Nail Art Tutorial

Brown and White Dotty.  


Hello my DIYers!
Here's a super simple, Dotty Brown & White, nail art tutorial for you guys to try. 
Its easy for beginners and the colours can be switched up, making a 
multitude of other designs.
Try it yourself!


Difficulty rating: Easy


TIME: 5-15 minutes
(including drying time)

What you need:

Base Coat
Brown Polish,
White Polish
Top Coat.

Nail dotting tool / Bobby pin / Toothpick
Surface for dropping polish on.

Optional Extras:
 Nail varnish remover and some cotton buds / Q-Tips



File your nails into desired shape and clean thoroughly to rid nails of any

 grease or dust that will prevent professional results.

If needed buff top layers of nail to reduce ridges.

Apply base coat to stop nails staining from coloured polish,
and to give longer lasting results.

STEP TWO: Brown Coat(s)

Apply the brown varnish to your nails excluding the ring finger. 
A second coat may be needed if the polish is not very opaque.

*Helpful Hint*

Do not worry about any polish that gets onto nails
Its really easy to get that off with a q-tip / cotton bud 
dipped in polish remover, or wait till nails are completely dry and scrub
 around you nails with a nail brush.

STEP THREE: White Coat(s)

Apply the white varnish to your ring fingers. 
A second coat may be needed if the polish is not very opaque.


Using the white polish, drop a small amount onto a surface 
that is either wipeable (with varnish remover) or better than that,
 onto a piece of scrap paper or card.

Using your dotting tool, whichever item it may be, dip into the white polish and 
systematically put dots (in lines) on all the brown nails.
(Or randomly whichever you may prefer I tend to like big and small
 dots just to make it a little more interesting.)

Then switch over to the brown polish, drop a small amount onto your surface, 
and use it for dotting the white nails. 

Repeat this for all nails.

STEP FIVE: Final Top Coat

Once thats all completely dry
Finish with final layer of a top coat.

Use a Q-tip or / cotton bud dipped in polish remover 
to remove and smudges around your nails.

VoilĂ  it is done!

Go rock your Brown and White Dotty nails and wait for the compliments roll in.

I Hope you all enjoyed this Nail Art Tutorial, Stay tuned for all this and more!
Much Love

(Disclaimer: All product self purchased with own funds)


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