Thursday, 22 August 2013

Beauty Review: Sally Hansen Mega Shine Top Coat

My nails go through a lot if stress on a daily basis.

I saw 'Sally Hansens Mega Shine extended wear top coat' on the shelf of my local supermarket and decided to pick it up hoping I wasn't falling for the useless jargon they write on the packaging these days! 

 I was a bit sceptical at first after many unsatisfactory top coats, and having not
even heard of Sally Hansen before I didn't know anything about the brand.

It's very hard to find a good all round polish that really keeps my nail varnish chip free. Working as a landscape gardener does do many wonders for my nails but I still like to have them painted even if its just to keep the nails underneath a bit nicer!

Actual Product Description: 

"How it works: Advanced formula dries your manicure from top to bottom
in just 60 seconds - no more smudges! seals manicure layers into
one powerful protective shield. Micro-diamonds
add mirror shine & strength. 

The Result: Manicures last up to 10 brilliant days!

To Use: apply 1 coat over dry nail colour. Re-apply as needed."


Price and Shop

Sally Hansens Mega Shine extended wear top coat 12.7ml
Shop: Local supermarket or DrugStore
Cost: £5.99


Personal Review:

Overall a great top coat, I would say it is touch dry in 60 seconds as it
still smudges after this time slot. The strength of this top coat is almost unbelievable!
 As a landscape gardener my hands are in contact with all sorts of abrasive materials,
 dust, dirt & chemicals and my nails also have a tendency to flake and crack.
(weak nails run in the family doh!)

This Sally Hansen polish really does seem to sink into all the layers
 binding them all together in one strong mass. 

My nails lasted about 5 days of extreme wear and tear, so any of you 'schoolers' or less physical workers it should last very well on.

How I Use This Product:

One thick coat over dry nails ('dry' really means DRY, otherwise the whole 60 second thing goes out the window. Haha) Leave to dry and admire. Re-application after a few days does help keep manicure for longer than 10 days.

Pros and cons?

Very strong - a strength you can feel as soon as its dry.
Nice shine -I would say it is shiner than most top coats
 I've tried and gives a professional finish.
Easy applying - The formula holds well to the brush, 
not too thick not to runny.
Quick drying - when used on bare nails. 
It dries in 60 seconds, sometimes faster.

Takes longer than 60 seconds - when used over other nail polishes.
Previous polish has to be completely dry - with some top coats they dry 
the other polish too. This one takes longer if the other polish is not FULLY dry.

My Conclusion:

For a drug store brand top coat, it works wonders. 
Very sturdy and strong, with long lasting results. 
Recommend to all.

Have you got any super favourite top coats you'd like to recommend to me?
 I'm always looking for the next thing to keep my manicures perfecto!

Let me know in the comments below, I'd love to hear from you.

Much Love

(disclaimer: All product self purchased with own funds)

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