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Thursday, 22 August 2013

Beauty Review: Sally Hansen Mega Shine Top Coat

My nails go through a lot if stress on a daily basis.

I saw 'Sally Hansens Mega Shine extended wear top coat' on the shelf of my local supermarket and decided to pick it up hoping I wasn't falling for the useless jargon they write on the packaging these days! 

 I was a bit sceptical at first after many unsatisfactory top coats, and having not
even heard of Sally Hansen before I didn't know anything about the brand.

It's very hard to find a good all round polish that really keeps my nail varnish chip free. Working as a landscape gardener does do many wonders for my nails but I still like to have them painted even if its just to keep the nails underneath a bit nicer!

Actual Product Description: 

"How it works: Advanced formula dries your manicure from top to bottom
in just 60 seconds - no more smudges! seals manicure layers into
one powerful protective shield. Micro-diamonds
add mirror shine & strength. 

The Result: Manicures last up to 10 brilliant days!

To Use: apply 1 coat over dry nail colour. Re-apply as needed."


Price and Shop

Sally Hansens Mega Shine extended wear top coat 12.7ml
Shop: Local supermarket or DrugStore
Cost: £5.99


Personal Review:

Overall a great top coat, I would say it is touch dry in 60 seconds as it
still smudges after this time slot. The strength of this top coat is almost unbelievable!
 As a landscape gardener my hands are in contact with all sorts of abrasive materials,
 dust, dirt & chemicals and my nails also have a tendency to flake and crack.
(weak nails run in the family doh!)

This Sally Hansen polish really does seem to sink into all the layers
 binding them all together in one strong mass. 

My nails lasted about 5 days of extreme wear and tear, so any of you 'schoolers' or less physical workers it should last very well on.

How I Use This Product:

One thick coat over dry nails ('dry' really means DRY, otherwise the whole 60 second thing goes out the window. Haha) Leave to dry and admire. Re-application after a few days does help keep manicure for longer than 10 days.

Pros and cons?

Very strong - a strength you can feel as soon as its dry.
Nice shine -I would say it is shiner than most top coats
 I've tried and gives a professional finish.
Easy applying - The formula holds well to the brush, 
not too thick not to runny.
Quick drying - when used on bare nails. 
It dries in 60 seconds, sometimes faster.

Takes longer than 60 seconds - when used over other nail polishes.
Previous polish has to be completely dry - with some top coats they dry 
the other polish too. This one takes longer if the other polish is not FULLY dry.

My Conclusion:

For a drug store brand top coat, it works wonders. 
Very sturdy and strong, with long lasting results. 
Recommend to all.

Have you got any super favourite top coats you'd like to recommend to me?
 I'm always looking for the next thing to keep my manicures perfecto!

Let me know in the comments below, I'd love to hear from you.

Much Love

(disclaimer: All product self purchased with own funds)

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Beauty DIY: 2minute Egg mask

Beauty DIY

2 Minute Egg white Mask 


Hello my DIYers!

Here's a super quick Health and beauty DIY for you all that is sure to get your facial pores smaller, and your skin on its way to flawlessness.


Difficulty rating: Easy


I only recommend this mask for twice a week.
Lemon juice can cause sensitivity when used on skin, in combination with UVA&UVB rays (from the sun), due to its acidic skin lightening properties. Once using this mask, limit your facial sun party for 24 hours or use a good suns screen! :)

Alternatively remove the lemon juice from this recipe, and use as often as you would like!
Just remember to eat those egg yolks!

*Helpful Hint*
 Those with sensitive skin may want to skip the lemon in this recipe as it may cause sensitivity due to its acidity.


If you would like to know the science behind the ingredients head over to my...

SOT: Ingredients page

...It will open in a new window so you won't lose your place here!

(Over there you will find the science of these ingredients
and many more in an easy-to-read, easy-to-learn manner,
with updates regularly)

What you need:
A pot for your mixture (a lid is useful)
A whisk or fork,
A facial brush (for application)

1 egg (separated into white and yolk),
1 teaspoon Lemon juice,

STEP ONE: Preparing The Mixture

Separate your egg white from the egg yolk and place in separate containers. Whisk the egg white lightly until bubbles form. (keep the yolk in the fridge for eating, we don't need it in this recipe but don't waste it! :P) 

STEP TWO: Additional Ingredients

Add the 1 teaspoon of lemon juice to the whisked egg white.
 Lemon is a natural product but to be completely natural go for organic so there are no chemicals that our bodies will have to fight to get rid of. (we're healing here not causing more work!)

STEP THREE: Application

Once your mixture is complete apply to your face using a foundation brush or another similar facial brush. Try to follow the contours of your face and be gentle ( we don't want premature wrinkles!) Applying quite liberally all over avoiding the sensitive lip and eye areas.

STEP FOUR: Drying time

This mask will take approximately 20 minutes to dry depending on humidity etc. You will know it's completely dry when it becomes difficult to smile and you look about 100 years of age when you try to move you face and your egg covered skin has at least 1000 wrinkles per square inch XD believe me, it's a strange look. Haha

STEP FIVE: Rinse & admire

Rinse your skin with clean mildly warm water for optimum results. Get a mirror, and admire your skin, your pores should feel and look tighter. Your skin may be slightly reddened from the cleansing and lemon juice, but should feel intensely moisturised and glowing!


You can keep any left over mixture in your pot, covered over with lid or cling film  in the fridge for up to 3 days.

So pamper away and get those pores smaller and 
that skin smoother and re hydrated!

I Hope you all enjoyed this DIY egg mask. Stay tuned for all this and more!

Much Love

(disclaimer: All product self purchased with own funds)
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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Home DIY: Notice board Makeover

Fed up of your board looking like pieces of rubbish hanging on the wall?This is the DIY for you!

Whether you call them Pin boards, Notice boards or memo boards,
 they are all the same. Dismal, colourless frames surrounding an 
unsightly cork board, with a heap of mess attached.

(Great for the kids with little adult supervision
 and a great addition to your home.)


Difficulty rating: Beginner


TIME: 30 minutes
(not including drying time)

Materials List:

A Drawing Board, A Marking device, Paper in a colour and pattern of your choice, Drawing pins, Scissors, Pliers/Wire cutters, 2 x Brushes (for painting and for spreading PVA glue).

Optional extras
Ribbon for decoration, Double sided sticky tape (makes this D.I.Y easier and faster)


STEP ONE: Preparing

Remove pins, and detach frame from cork board. 

{  My frame was held on with tacks and glue, it did press out quite easily but be careful not to rip the board, they are very flimsy when under pressure.

STEP TWO: Paper Cutting

 Take your paper. In this instance mine is thick luxury wallpaper scraps left over from re-decorating.

{ Measure mark and cut how much paper you will need to cover your board 
leaving approx. 2 inches on each side. 

If, like mine, your paper is not the same width as your board simply cut 2 pieces 
that will meet in the middle (with any pattern matching up if possible).

Above: Leave 2 inches around each edge to allow for folding and gluing.
Above: Shows pattern matching

STEP THREE: Paper Gluing

Paint glue round one half of the cork board and glue one of your paper pieces down.

 Flip over so the back of the board is facing upwards and glue around 3 
sides ready for folding.

*Helpful Hint*

(Try not to use too much glue. Too much glue can result in 'wavy' saturated paper'. 

Also remember you still want to be able to pierce through all places of the 
board with drawing pins, if we have to much glue or tape 
it will cause us difficultly and blunt the pins.)

STEP FOUR: Paper Folding

Start folding the two shorter sides inwards, pull tight and press down
 into the glue. Use drawing pins as shown if you need

something to keep it in place whilst its drying.

 Once both short side are folded its time to fold up the long sides. Start by cutting a 
small triangle in the corner to remove the excess paper.

Proceed by folding the corner down till its level with the board (Just like wrapping a present) 
do this on both sides of the long section then pull tight over the glue and pin. 

Back of board after previous steps
Front of board after previous steps


*Helpful Hint*

(An alternative to PVA glue is double sided sticky tape. This is a quicker way to 

do things but if you have a 'furry board' like the one above, you may find you sticky tape doing this - image below - when you try to peel the backing paper off.)


STEP FIVE: Repeating steps 3&4 (if using 2 pieces of paper).

Repeat steps three and four on your other piece of paper,making sure any pattern, lines up correctly.
( you may need to pin your second piece of paper at the centre to keep it lined up in place.)

STEP SIX: Decoration.

If your using ribbon (or a contrasting strip of paper) now is the time to use it.

 For this part, simply put double sided sticky tape where you want the ribbon, 

and stick down, making sure to loop round the edges for neatness.

I have used mine straight down the centre, to hide the unsightly join 

and also separate my board into two halves
Have you got something like this? You're doing well!

STEP Seven: Re-Frame.

To reuse the frame, get rid of all the old fittings and tacks.
(Keep hold of the hook for hanging back up later) 

Find a suitable place for painting, somewhere that doesn't mind a
few paint drips or sprays and paint that baby!

When dry re-attach the Hook-for-hanging and glue 
the frame to your cork board.

VoilĂ  it is done!

 All you need to do now is to sort through your memos and decide which ones need to go back on your shiny new pin board. 

I've even added a laminated 'To Do' list which can be used as a dry wipe board with the attached pen.


*Helpful Hint*
Pens attached via ribbons, with double sided sticky tape
and a pin at the top centre of the divider.


I Hope you all enjoyed this Home DIY, Stay tuned for all this and more!
Much Love

(disclaimer: All product self purchased with own funds)